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Shipping Information

We now ship tamales and pasteles de yuca! The shipping information below refers to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia addresses. If you would like to ship to a different address or order a larger quantity, send us an email and we may be able to work with you for an additional fee.

Merchandise Cost

Customize your order by creating your own combination of our four different tamales and/or pasteles (for different filling options, look on our main page)

Available packages:

  • 12 ​tamales and/or pasteles $87

  • 15 tamales and/or pasteles  $107.25

  • 18 tamales and/or pasteles  $126

  • 24 tamales and/or pasteles  $154.80

Shipping and Handling Cost

To place an order, please fill out the following form.  Once we receive your order we will email you an invoice through Square, and once you complete the payment we will ship your dishes and provide you with the tracking information. 

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