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Every Thursday we send out a menu that changes weekly. Each meal is two large servings. Customers must place their order by no lather than midnight on Saturday.



There is no registration fee. However, we recommend purchasing a cooler bag and ice packs on your first order at a one-time cost of $16. This is to ensure that your food arrives in the freshest possible way. If you decide not to reorder, simply keep the bag. We do not provide refunds for cooler bags. There is more important imformation regarding deliveries below. 



Simply decide the meal(s) that you would like to order and go to our ordering page. We have a minimum order of $28.50. We apologize in advance, but meals cannot be modified to individual requirements.



Deliveries are on Tuesdays between 9am-5pm. Requested delivery times cannot be guaranteed. We are currently working on adding another delivery day, as well as expanding the delivery areas, so please stay tuned for updates! Deliveries can also be made to your workplace or office. 


We currently deliver to the following areas: 


DurhamDowntown, Warehouse Districtt, Trinity Park, Trinity Heights, Northgate Park, Duke Park, Old North Durham, Walttown, West End, Lyon Park, TCrest Street, Norwood Ave, Tuscaloosa-Lakewood, Morehead Hill, Burch Avenue, West End, Duke Homestead, Watts Hospital-Hillandale Duke East & West Campus, Southpoint Area, RTP.

Chapel Hill: Dowtown, Glenn Lenox, Smith Center Dr, Dogwood Accress, 501N/Mount Carmel Church Rd. 

Raleigh: Inside the Beltline, North Hills, Brier Creek 


The delivery fee is dependent on the location. Please review the guideline below:


Durham: Within 2 miles of downtown FREE. Others: $5.50

Chapel Hill: $6.50

Raleigh: $7.25



Pick-up orders need to be placed by Saturday night and are available for collection on Tuesdays. The delivery fee does not apply when picking up an order. We have the following pick-up locations:


Raleigh: Sosta Cafe, 130 E Davie St, Raleigh, NC 27602. From noon to 4:00 pm

Chapel Hill: Carmel Market, 1900 Mt Carmel Church Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27517  From noon to 6:00 pm

Durham: Durham Co-Op Market, 1111 W Chapel Hill St, Durham, NC 27701. At the deli counter from 2.30 to 7:00 pm


Stay tuned as we will be adding more pick-up locations soon! 



We prefer that someone is home in order to receive the delivery. However, if this isn't possible, we will leave the delivery at your doorstep. If you wish, you may purchase an insulated cooler bag for the order to be delivered in. The bag is $16 and can be found under 'Add-Ons' in the Order section of the website. You may also provide your own cooler for the order to be stored in. Please be mindful, however, that a cooler is not a substitute for a refrigerator.  If you’re not going to be home for a while, and don’t want to compromise the freshness of your delivery, please arrange for someone to come and collect it. We do not take responsibility for any food that is spoilt, damaged or no longer safe to consume as a result of it being left out of refrigeration for too long or not stored correctly.



If you purchased a cooler from us: once you have removed all items from the delivery bag(s) and stored them in the refrigerator, please place the ice pouche back in the freezer and place the bag(s) outside your front door on the morning of your next delivery. We will leave your meals in your bag. 


If using your own cooler: please leave your cooler along with some ice packs at the front door on the morning of your delivery day where we can access it. 


Please be aware that if a cooler is not left out for us to leave your order in, or we cannot access it,  we will leave the food in a paper bag. We do not take responsibility for any food that is spoilt, damaged or no longer safe to consume as a result of it being left out of refrigeration for too long or not stored correctly.



You may cancel or make amendments to your order, provided that they are submitted by no later than 6pm on the SUNDAY prior to TUESDAY delivery. We understand that sometimes situations or circumstances arise that may affect your plans or availability. Simply contact us via email to inform us of any changes. 



Please be aware, while we don't use any gluten ,wheat, dairy or eggs, our meals are prepared in a kitchen that is not certified to be completely free of any such ingredients.  We do use soy and nuts in many of our meals.  As such, we cannot guarantee that cross-contamination has not occurred.


A list of ingredients is included for each meal, please examine the list to ensure that it does not contain anything that you may have an allergy to. 



Healthy food deserves healthy packaging. Our meals come in a sustainable, compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable packaging. Our packaging is made from plant fibers, is free of harmful chemicals and is safe for the environment. Our containers are microwave, oven, and freezer safe. The lids are microwave safe but not oven safe.



Meals can be reheated in the microwave or oven. The label will specify whether the meal is reheatable or can be eaten chilled. If your meals contain additional packaged sauces and fresh (uncooked) vegetables or fruit, ensure that you remove these items prior to heating. 



The labels on the meals indicate the expiration date. Most of the meals should be consumed within 3 days of delivery.  We do not use any preservatives in our meals in order to maintain the nutritional value of our ingredients. The majority of our meals are freezable. If your meal is freezable and the expiration date has arrived, simply place the meal in your freezer. Please review the labels on each meal for information on the expiration date, freezability, and any reheating instructions.



Email us at: or contact us on (720) 675-5822


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