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At Soul Cocina, we are dedicated to providing delicious food to satisfy any occasion.  We have many options to ensure that the menu for your event addresses all dietary needs and appeals to a wide variety of tastes.  In addition to our most favored options, we are happy to work creatively with you to add new food options or amend existing recipes to ensure that the menu appeals to your particular event.  We would love to hear from you about your occasion so that we may understand your food preferences and tastes and learn how we may best cater to your needs.  The following is a sample menu that provides just a small taste of what we can offer!


Tamales or pasteles de yuca & salad

Pastel de yuca: hearty roasted yuca pocket filled with red lentils brown rice & spinach.  

Tamales: we have 4 options to choose from. You can order different flavors. The minimum order per flavor can be no less than 10 tamales. For example, an order of 30 tamales can come as 20 of sriracha braised lentils and 10 of roasted chickpeas with eggplant. 

  • smoky pinto beans & plantains

  • sriracha braised lentils

  • roasted chickpeas with bell peppers & eggplant

  • black beans, spinach & olive


Salad: baby kale or spinach with black beans, roasted tomatoes & cucumbers in an avocado cilantro dressing. 

15-30 people $11

30-60 people $10.50

60 people or more $10

Dessert options: add $3 per person

  • Platanos con melao (caramelized plantains)

  • Raw almond butter and chocolate cup

  • Blondies with chocolate chips 

  • Coconut & cardamom bites


Appetizers & Salads

  • Forbidden rice salad with baby kale & pineapple in a cumin dressing

  • Greens, seasoned chickpeas and roasted tomatoes in a parsley dressing

  • Massaged kale salad with mango and sunflower seeds in an orange-cumin dressing 

  • Yuca croquettes topped with cashew cream 

  • Griddled sweet corn bites with beans & topped with sour cream

  • Chickpea flatbread with sautéed cabbage and coconut dip


  • Black Beans, zucchini and plantains enchiladas

  • Veggie barbacoa tacos with salsa verde

  • Millet & cauliflower casserole in roasted red bell pepper sauce

  •  Polenta and mushroom lasagna in kale sauce

15-30 people:

​Option 1: choose 1 appetizer/salad 1 entree: $16

Option 2: choose 2 appetizer/salad 1 entree: $21.50

30-60 people:

Option 1: choose 1 appetizer/salad 1 entree: $15.50

Option 2: choose 2 salad/appetizer 1 entree: $20.50

60 people or more:

Option 1: choose 1 appetizer/salad 1 entree: $15

Option 2: choose 2 salad/appetizer 1 entree: $19



add $5 per person

  • Passion fruit or guava cheezecake

  • Sweet potato pie

  • Chocolate fudge pie

Order via email at: or by phone

at (919) 794-7719


Delivery fees:

Durham: $10

Chapel Hill: $15 

Raleigh: $25




Company policies:

  • Prices include compostable utensils, plates, and napkins

  • We deliver and set up your order. The price does not include breaking down the event.  All of the service utensils and containers are disposable.

  • We accept cash, check, and credit card.  For credit card payments an extra charge of 2.75% applies. 

  • We require a 7-day advance notice for catered events of 30 people or less, and 2 weeks advance notice for caterings of more than 30. We may still be able to fulfill your catering needs on shorter notice, but reserve the right to add a 10% late notice fee to recover our additional costs.

Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill



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